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Dr. Rabice is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo School of Dentistry receiving a D.D.S. degree in 1977.  He received his undergraduate education from SUNY Buffalo graduating cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. A native of Utica, Dr. Rabice has been practicing here for 30 years. He has been at his current location since1981. Since he began practicing dentistry, Dr. Rabice has kept up to date with many continuing educational classes, ensuring his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced dental care. He averages over 100 hours of continuing education every year to stay current with today's state of the art tecnologies and procedures for his patients. 


An experienced and artistic cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rabice performed some of the first cosmetic dentistry cases in the late '70s including tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding of teeth.He has evolved from using composite materials thirty years ago, to using today's beautiful all porcelain vaneers, crowns, and bridges. 

Tooth Straightening

Many adults with crooked teeth are self-conscious and do not want to spend years wearing unsightly and uncomfortable braces. There are alternatives. Adults can straighten their teeth using Invisalign invisible braces. Adults and children interested in rapid tooth movement can learn about Wilkodontics, which combines braces and periodontal procedures to provide a beautiful smile in months instead of years!

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

One of the newest cosmetic services offered to dental patients is periodontal plastic surgery.  This procedure helps people with unsightly mild or severe gum recession. Until recently dentists have had few options to treat recession. Left untreated this condition usually gets worse. Eventually pain and decay could develop on exposed roots. Relying on graft materials used by medical professionals for years and new periodontal-plastic surgical techniques, Dr. Rabice corrects this unattractive condition.

Temperomandibular Joint Disorder - TMJ

 Dr. Rabice is one of the first dentists in Central New York to treat patients with Temperomandibular Joint Disorders and is one of the original members of the Clifford Fox D.D.S. Study Club for Temperomandibular Disorders in Buffalo, N.Y., established in the late 1970's. Dr. Rabice presently treats patients suffering from headaches, muscle spasms, jaw pain, and chewing difficulties.


      Dr. Rabice has been offering implant treatment to the community for over 20 years.  He is one of the few general dentists to become certified to perform  both surgery and restoration of dental implants having received his certification from Harvard University in 1986 using the Brannemark system  Most recently he recedived both Prosthetic and  Surgical certifications from the world renowned Misch Implant Institute, Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Rabice is able to perform advanced state of the art implant and bone grafting treatments.  These bone grafting techniqes can provide bone and implants to patients who once were not candidates for implants, because they lacked adequate bone. 

 Dentures With Implants

      Today there are many options for patients with dentures. Very few patients with lower dentures are happy with their dentures. The dentures do not fit well, move, cause pain, force one to eat soft high carbohydrate  foods, and require gobs of denture adhesive. And where does that adhesive go?!!!  Patients with dentures can now benefit from implants to support their dentures. Dr. Rabice can place implants in 1 day and stabilize and secure a denture immediately. Therefore, on the very same day your implants are placed, you can chew foods you have not enjoyed in years!  You will have no more embarrassment, no more pain, and no more swallowing denture adhesive.

From Tooth Loss to Implanted Teeth in the Same Day

One of the most exciting procedures for patients who dread the thought of wearing dentures is to have their deteriorated and hopeless teeth removed and new teeth supported with implants placed at the same appointment. You will  never have to wear a denture and never go without teeth!! 

Sedation and Pain Control for Injections

It is estimated that there are 10's of millions of people who are so fearful of the dentist that they only go to see the dentist when their pain is unbearable.  Dr. Rabice is one of a few dentists certified in New York to provide inhalation anesthesia, oral conscious sedation\anesthesia (pills), and intavenous ( IV ) conscious sedation\anesthesia.  Also to miminize discomfort, Dr. Rabice uses a Viberject ro numb teeth which causes a vibration during the injection and in many cases eliminates pain from the numbing procedure.

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